Nutrients in Plants
1)The mode of nutrition is :

2)___plants can be further divided into parasites, saprophytes and symbiotic plants.

3)___collect simple substances like water and salts from the soil and CO2 from the air, and using sunlight as a source of energy,

4)In plants, the green pigments are called

5)Chlorophyll convert the simple substances into complex food for the plant. This process is called ___

6)The roots absorb water and minerals from the.

7)The lower epidermis has openings called the stomata

8)The stomata take in carbon dioxide from the ___

9)Chlorophyll captures energy from sunlight, and uses it to prepare food from and

10)Both sunlight and trees are essential to sustain life on Earth.During photosynthesis, plants produce food in the form of:

11)Heterotrophic plants don’t have chlorophyll, and are, therefore, unable to produce food using the process of  

12)Some plants, like the cuscuta, snatch food from other plants by climbing onto them. The plants on which they climb are called  

13)Some plants obtain their nutrition from decaying organic matter. They secrete digestive juices onto dead and decaying matter, and then absorb the nutrients from it. This mode of nutrition is called  

14)Plants that use the saprotrophic mode of nutrition are called


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