1)The released from food is useful in activities like growth, excretion, reproduction, running, reading and sleeping.

2)The food we eat has to be converted into for releasing energy

3)The breakdown of glucose in a cell to release energy is called

4)The breakdown of glucose in the presence of oxygen is called ___

5)The breakdown of glucose in the absence of oxygen in yeast forms alcohol, energy and carbon dioxide. Yeasts and other organisms that respire in the absence of oxygen are also known as .

6)Plants utilise oxygen for respiration released through photosynthesis during the day, and at night, they take in oxygen from the atmosphere and give out and  

7)The stomata are involved in the entry and exit of in plants

8)A or can ease a muscle cramp by improving the circulation of blood in the affected muscles. 

9)During heavy exercise, the breathing rate of a person ___.

10)Breathing rate in human beings in normal condition is ________ times in a minute.


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