Transportation in Humans

Circulatory System

 This video explains about the circulatory system.The heart is an organ which beats continuously to behave as a pump for transport of the blood which carries other substances with it.

Oxygen Transport

 This video explains about oxygen transport to the various parts of the body. It explains that cells need oxygen to stay alive in the body. It explains the various activites such as The uptake of oxygen from the air in the blood its transportation in the blood and its delivery to the cells. 

Types Of Blood Cells

 This video explains about the types of the blood cells. The types of blood cells are Erythrocytes (Red Blood Cells) Leukocytes (White Blood Cells) These cells fight viral, bacterial, and other infections and participate in the hypersensitivity responses seen in allergic reactions.

Excretory System


This topic explains the excretory system and the process of urine formation.

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