Transportation in Humans
1)The nutrients are transported to other parts of the body in the form of glucose, amino acids, fats, etc. This function is performed by the

2)The fluid part of blood is known as

3)When a blood vessel is cut, blood comes out immediately. After some time, a dark red clot is formed on the cut. This is formed by cells called

4)Blood flows through narrow pipe-like structures in the body, known as

5)The arteries divide into smaller vessels when they enter an organ, and further divide into thin tubes called

6)Heart have valves that allow blood to flow in one direction

7)Thepumps blood through our body.

8)The device that amplifies the sound of a person’s heart beat is called a

9)The two upper chambers are the atria and the two lower chambers are the ventricles. The partition between the two chambers is called the

10)The urine from the kidneys comes down through long tubes called the

11)The flow of blood in an artery over a bone is called the

12)Oxygen is carried in the human body by which of these ?


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