Transportation in Plants

Transportation In Plants-I

This video explains the transportation of water in plants.The amount of water absorbed is proportional to the number of root hairs. this also explains that how water is distributed in plant root with an example.

Transportation In Plants-II

This video explains the transportation of water in plants.Every organism is in need of water and food for their survival. Transportation is a process of transporting water, minerals and food to all parts of the plant body.

Transpiration in Plants - Elementary Science

This video explains the transpiration in plants.During this process water is transpired through the leaves and this process of evaporation of water generates a suction pull which pulls the water to great heights such as in the case of tall trees.

Transpiration In Plants II

This video explains that transpiration is the loss of water from parts of plants (similar to sweating), especially in leaves but also in stems, flowers and roots.Leaf surfaces are dotted with openings called, collectively, stomata, and in most plants they are more numerous on the undersides of the foliage.

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