Transportation in Plants
1)Plants make their own food by taking in carbon dioxide from the air, minerals and water from the soil. They release oxygen and water vapour, and the process is termed as .

2)Wilting of a plant results from excessive

3)As the number of___ increases, the surface area also increases, and the plant absorbs more water and minerals.

4)In plants, water is transported through

5)The pholem carries water and nutrient minerals from the roots to the leaves.

6)The ____ carries food from the leaves to various parts of the plant.

7)There are small poresthat are present on the surface of the leaves, called the

8)The lower surface of the leaves through which excess water is released in the form of

9)The process of releasing water vapour from the leaves into the atmosphere through the stomata is called ___.

10)A force is used to absorb more water and minerals. This suction force is also known as the transpiration pull.


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