Physical and Chemical Changes
1)A change that lead to the formation of new substances. These are called ___

2)Changes affect only the of the substance that is undergoing a change.

3)A physical change is temporary and no new substance is formed.

4)A chemical change is generally___.

5)Water and oxygen in the air react with iron to create a new substance called rust. The properties of rust are different than that of iron. This is a

6)Crystallisation is a

7)The rusting of iron can be prevented by coating iron with something else, such as paint, or with zinc through a process called

8)The physical changes involve Crushing of a chalk piece, Boiling of water, Melting of ice-cream,Evaporation of water.

9)The Chemical changes involve Digestion of food, Formation of calcium carbonate, Rusting of iron, Burning of magnesium ribbon.

10)Large crystals of pure substances can be formed from their solutions. This porcess is called .


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