Air Pressure
1)The pressure exerted by air on all bodies at all times in all directions is called 

2)Air opposes the motion of a moving object. This is called air  

3)Take a glass and fill only 1/3 of it with water. Cover the mouth of the glass with an index card. Now hold the card in place and invert the glass over a sink and remove your hand from the card. The card sticks to the glass. This is due to

4)High speed winds are known to  

5)The instrument used to measure the speed of wind is called the .

6)The thrust per unit area is pressure, and pressure due to air column is atmospheric pressure. 

7)Gradual fall in the barometric height indicates___.

8)Boil water in a can until steam has driven out the air present inside the can. Remove the can from the flame and place the stopper immediately. When, cold water is poured over the can, it is observed that the can collapses inward. Which of the following is the correct reason for it?

9)Balloons float in the air due to ____

10)Which of the following statement is wrong with respect to air?


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