The Heating Effect of Electric Current
1)Appliances have coils of wire that produce heat, which are known as elements

2)As current flows through these electrical appliances, the coils of wire inside turn bright ___ in colour.

3)ISI stands for

4)The works on the principle of the heating effect of electric current.

5)An is a safety device to prevent damage to an electrical circuit when excessive current flows through it.

6)When all the appliances are connected to the same socket, these appliances draw more current, and so the load increases. 

7)If a fuse is not used, then overloading and short circuits result in fire. 

8)___are used nowadays because these are switches that turn off automatically when there is an overload or a short circuit

9)Longer Line in the symbol for a cell represents its terminal.

10)Name the element used as a filament in Electric bulb.


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