Images Formed By Lens
1)The rays diverge away from each other. Thus, a concave lens is also called a

2)When light rays pass through a convex lens, they bend and converge at a common point to form an image of the source of light.

3)Rays from the sun converge to form its image as a bright spot. A convex lens converges light rays. Therefore, it is also called a

4)Virtual images cannot be caught on a screen. Images that are caught on a screen are called

5)When the object is placed at a distance from a convex lens, the image formed is real, inverted and diminished.

6)A ____ is used to read very small print in a book.

7)Which of the following statements is wrong while using a convex lens?

8)___ are used in applications like spectacles, magnifying glasses, peepholes, cameras, bio scopes, binoculars, microscopes and projectors.

9)Which of the following is not applicable for a concave lens when light rays from the sun pass through it?

10)It is good practice, to look at the sun or a bright light source through a lens . 


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