Congruence of Plane Figures
1)Two line segments are congruent if they have the.

2)Among two congruent angles, one has a measure of 70o; the measure of the other angle is _______.

3)If AB = 9 cm and DE = 9 cm, then AB is congruent to DE. 

4)Two line segments are congruent if one is ____ of the other.

5)Placing one figure over another to test for congruency is known as the method of superposition. 

6)Which of the following is an example of a pair of congruent shapes?

7)If △XYZ ≅ △PQR, under the correspondence XYZ ↔ PQR, then the corresponding congruent part of ∠Y is ____.

8)Which of the following objects are not congruent?

9)Which of the following shapes are congruent?


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