Understanding Algebraic Expressions
1)Identify the coefficient of x in expression 8-x+y.

2)The number of terms in 4p2q-3pq2+5 is:

3)The expression for sum of numbers a and b subtracted from their product is:

4)The constant term in the expression 1+x2+x is _________.

5)What is the numerical coefficient of y2in the expression 2x2y – 15xy2 +7y?

6)The expression x +y – xy is:

7)From the following expressions 10pq, 7p, 8q, -p2q2, -7pq, -23, ab,3a,b. The like terms are_____________________.

8)Factors of the terms -4pq2 in the expression 9p2q2 -4 pq2 are:


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