Operations on Algebraic Expressions
1)Sum of 3m and 2n is:

2)Sum of xy, x+y and y+ xy is:

3)The value of 21b-32 + 7b – 20b is

4)Subtract a –b from a+b the result is

5)Subtracting -5y2 from y2 ,the result is

6)If A = 2x – y + 3xy, B = x + 2xy and C = 3y + xy, find the value of A+B+C.

7)What should be taken away from 3xy – 2x2 – 2y2 to obtain 5x2 – 7xy + 5y2?

8)The sum of t – 5tz ,2tz – z and z – t is _________


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