Asexual Reproduction in Animals
1)Binary fission involves the splitting of an organism into

2)In each hydra, there may be one or more bulges. These bulges are the developing new individuals and they are called.

3)New individuals develop from the buds in hydra. This type of Reproduction is called.

4)was the first cloned mammal, and is genetically identical to its parent sheep.

5)The embryo was implanted into the uterus of the ewe to undergo rapid cell division to form a

6)Dolly suffered from arthritis. 

7)The type of Reproduction in which single cell divides into two halves is called

8) is the production of an exact copy of a cell, any other living part, or a complete organism.

9)Advocates of human therapeutic cloning believe that cloning could help in producing organs for transplantation. 


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