Changes during Puberty
1)Adolescence is the period of life between the onset of puberty and reaching ___

2)Everyone will not have the same rate of increase in height, as the height of individuals is controlled by the genes inherited from

3)The larynx or voice box in boys grows during puberty and protrudes out, making it clearly visible, and is commonly called

4)During puberty, sweat glands become active and start producing more sweat. During puberty, pimples or acne appear due to increased action of

5)The testes start producing male gametes, called

6)also results in mental and intellectual maturity. 

7)Percentage of full height at the age of 14 years in girls is __ 

8)Which of the following is incorrect?

9)In adolescent boys, sometimes their voice becomes hoarse due to ____.

10)Which of the following changes marks the onset of puberty?


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