Metals and Non-Metals
1)Metals can be easily shaped into wires. This property of metals is called

2)Metals can be easily shaped into thin flat sheets. This characteristic of metals is called

3)Iron reacts with atmospheric oxygen and moisture to form iron oxide, which is commonly known as

4)Sodium reacts vigorously with water and oxygen, and produces so much heat that it catches fire! That’s why sodium is stored in

5)Metals react with bases, such as sodium hydroxide, to produce hydrogen gas.

6)Silicon and carbon are solids; bromine is a

7)Non-metals are non-lustrous, non-malleable and ductile.

8)Non-metals do not produce any sound when hit, which means they are not sonorous

9)Phosphorus is a very reactive non-metal

10)The reaction of non-metals with bases is complex.


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