Combustion and Comustible Substance

This video explains about the Combustion and Comustible Substance. It exlains that a chemical process in which a substance reacts with oxygen to give off heat is called combustion. The substance that undergoes combustion is said to be combustible substance.


Oxygen is Necessary for Combustion

This video explains that Oxygen is necessary for combustion with an experiment . The experiment is to  Fix a lighted candle on a table and place a glass chimney over the candle ,by the conditions we understand that Oxygen is necessary for combustion.


Ignition Temperature

This video explains about the Ignition Temperature with an experiment.gnition temperature of a substance is the minimum temperature required for the substance to catch fire.


Types of combustion 

This video explains about the types of Combustion. A type of combustion in which a material suddenly bursts into flames, without the application of any apparent cause is called spontaneous combustion and a form of combustion in which large amounts of heat and light energy are released is known as Rapid combustion.


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