Data Handling


This video explains about the pictographs with an example.Pictographs are pictorial representation of data using symbols.

Data Bargraph

This video explains about the Bargraph with an example. Bargraphs are display of information using bars of uniform width, their heights being proportional to the respective value.

Data Double Bargraph

This video explains about the Double Bargraph with an example A bar graph showing two sets of data simultaneously. It is useful for the comparison of the data.

Data Concept

This video explains about the concepts of data handling such as  frequency, class interval, class size,etc. Frequency gives the number of times that a particular entry occurs.


This video explains about thehistograms.  Histogram is a graphical display of data using bars of different heights.

Data Pie Charts

This video explains about the Pie Chartsand also explains  how to draw a pie chart from a frequency table.

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