Transmission of Diseases
1)Organisms that carry microbes from a sick person to a healthy person are called  

2)Rabies and malaria are diseases caused by

3)Immune system recruits many cells to the affected tissue to kill the infectious agents, a process called

4)Treatment of infectious diseases involves either reducing the effects of the disease or eliminate the cause of the disease. 

5) are more effective against bacterial infections. Anti-viral drugs are meant for treating viral diseases.

6)Problems faced in treatment of diseases involves damage of body functions or may never recover completely. 

7)Person infected with won’t get the disease again, because of our body cells that react against microbes and remember by producing memory cells

8)Immunization is the protection of individuals from communicable diseases by administration of a suspension of killed

9)Virus like smallpox was eliminated from the world through vaccines, a process called

10)First vaccine was developed against small pox by hence called Father of Immunology.


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