Production and Propagation of Sound
1)Like heat and light, is a form of energy that causes the sensation of hearing

2)Sound needs no medium to travel. 

3)The speed of sound is the maximum in solids, less in liquids and the least in gases. Sound cannot travel through

4)In humans, sound is produced by the __ . Vocal cords in the larynx vibrate and produce sound.

5)We hear sound with our ears.The has a vibrating membrane like a stretched rubber sheet

6)When a sound note reaches the ear, the , and the vibrations get converted into signals that are carried to the brain to get a sensation of hearing. 

7)The sitar, veena, violin, guitar and ektara are some instruments 

8)The to and fro or back and forth motion of an object is called . 

9)The tabla, cymbals, ghatam, kartal and manjira are some instruments that work on the vibration of a 


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