Congruence of Triangles
1)Which of the following is not a criterion for congruence of triangles?

2)In each pair of triangles, parts are congruent as marked. Which pair of triangles is congruent by ASA?


3)Gina has designed two triangular flower beds, as shown below.Which statement is true for the two flower beds?

4)Among two congruent angles one has measure 70o, then the measure of other angle is .

5)Look at the triangle ABC. O is the centroid.Which statement is always correct about triangle ABC?

6)Two Line segments are congruent if they have same length. 

7)The figure below shows the length of side DC equal to 120 units and the length of side DB equal to 160 units. What is the length of segment AC?

8)In the figure shown below, segment AM bisects angle BAC, and NC is drawn parallel to AM.Which triangle is similar to Triangle BAM?


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