Mid-Point Theorem
1)In fig D is mid-point of AB and DE|| BC then AE is equal to

2)In fig D and E are mid-points of AB and AC respectively. The length of DE is:

3)In Fig ABCD is a rectangle P and Q are midpoints of AD and DC respectively. Then length of PQ is:

4)In Fig ABCD is a rhombus. Diagonals AC and BD intersect at O. E and F are mid points of AO and BO respectively. If AC = 16cm and BD = 12cm then EF is:

5)In fig if DE=8cm and D is the mid Point of AB, then the false statement is :

6)The quadrilateral formed by joining the mid points of the sides of a quadrilateral ABCD taken in order, is a rectangle if

7)In the diagram below of ΔACT, D is the midpoint of AC, O is the midpoint of AT, and G is the midpoint of CT.If AC = 10, AT = 18, and CT = 22, what is the perimeter of parallelogram CDOG?

8)In the diagram below of Δ ABC, D is the midpoint of AB, and E is the midpoint of BC. If AC = 4x +10, which expression represents DE?


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