Areas of Triangles
1)The base of a triangular wall is three times its height. If the cost of white washing the wall at Rs. 36.72 per 10 m2 is Rs. 4,95,720, then the base and the height are ____.

2)The area of a triangular shaped field is 18 m2 with a base of 3m. Then its height is___.

3)The perpendicular sides of a right angled triangle are 3 cm and 4 cm. Then its area is ____.

4)In the figure below, the medians BE and CF of a triangle ABC intersect at G. Then the area of ΔGBC = area of quadrilateral AFGE.

5)In ΔABC, AB = AC = 4 cm and ∠A = 90°. Then its area is ___.

6)If the difference between the sides containing the right angle of a triangle is 3 cm and its area is 54 cm2, then its perimeter is ____.

7)If the height of an equilateral triangle is 8 cm, then its area is ____.

8)In the figure below, triangle ABC and triangle ABD are on the same base and between same parallel lines.


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