Graphical Representation of Data
1)A frequency table is used to

2)Sixty people were asked to name their favorite season. The results are given below: 

3)The following circle graph represents data from 1500 people. The sector angle for category A is . Determine the frequency of category A.

4)The following graph represents the popularity of different foods among a group of high school students.Unfortunately, the vertical scale is missing. If 18 students preferred hamburgers, how many students preferred tacos?

5)The following graph appeared in a local newspaper.Which age group had the most accidents?

6)If a pie chart is to be drawn, calculate the angle required for the summer.

7)Thirty children were asked to describe the color of their eyes. The results are shown in the pictogram below: whats the most common eye colour?

8)Which of the following pie charts shows the theoretical outcomes of 300 throws of a die?


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