Sabotaging Co-Worker
1)Vani cares about Meena. True or False? 

2)How can Meena show her manager that she deserves the promotion? 

3)If Meena speaks to the HOD about the situation with Kalindi, she should avoid doing which of the following? 

4)Meena believes that Kalindi is more useful to the company than she. What makes her think this? 

5)Why does Meena believe that Kalindi's attempt to sabotage her promotion is working? 

6)Why does Meena think that Kalindi is trying to ruin her reputation and outdo her for the team leader position? 

7)Meena usually shows up late to work. 

8)Kalindi behaves this way toward other employees. 

9)Meena does not feel threatened by Kalindi. 

10)If Meena confronts Kalindi, she will want to do which of the following? 


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