1)Area is the measure of space contained within a flat shape.

2)If the cost of painting one black-board is Rs.50, what will be the cost of painting 10 black-boards?

3)What is the length of the garden if area of rectangular garden of width 60 m is 300 sq.m?

4)What is the length of side of square whose area is 64 m2?

5)Area can be found by adding the lengths around a shape.

6)In figure what will be the area of 4 squares on the corners whose each side is 1 cm?

7)The amount of surface enclosed by a closed figure is called its___.

8)Find the area of the figure by counting squares.

9)What will be the cost of tilting a rectangular plot of area 800 sq.m, if the cost of tiling 100 sq.m is Rs.6

10)Sabina wants to cover the floor of her room whose length is 4 m and breadth is 3m by square tiles. If each square tile is of side 20cm, then find the number of tiles required to cover the floor of her room.


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