1)Equation for the statement "2 multiplies by p and then subtracted from 5 is 10” is

2)Which of the following is an equation?

3)Which of the following is the solution of equation 3x+2 =11 ?

4)p=3 is a solution of equation :

5)Value of the variable in the equation b+5=9 is 

6)The value of p- q +pq for p= -1, q=-2 is  

7)Which of the following is expression with one variable?

8)x = 5 satisfies which of the equation ?

9)Sarita’s present age is ‘m’ years . what will be her age after ten years ?

10)Age of Avneet is ‘ y’ years. Avishi is four years younger than Avneet. Therefore age of Avishi is:


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