Line Symmetry

Basics of Line Symmetry


This video will review with you the basics of line symmetry. A figure has Line symmetry if a line can be drawn through the figure so that each half is a mirror image of the other.



Rotational Symmetry


This video explains the concept of rotational symmetry. This explains the concept of rotational symmetry , angles with an example.



Lines of Symmetry


This video explains How to identify lines of symmetry in geometric figures. This video shows and set of questions and explains how to find the answer for the lines of symmetry. 



Making Symmetrical Shapes


The video shows activities that make understanding symmetry easy. Learn about lines of symmetry, symmetrical shapes, drawings and letters.



Everyday Math lines of symmetry


This video explains about the Lines of symmetry which means splitting something in to half and both the halves should be equal. It could be splitted in many directions.



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