1)We found heterotropic mode of nutrition in which of the following:

2)Which of the following is an example of insectivorous plant?

3)Insectivorous plants

4)Dionaea muscipula is commonly known as

5)The element which is required in largest quantities by plant is:

6)Which of the following is a macro nutrient?

7)Which of the following is a micro-nutrient?

8)An element is called micro essential which

9)Potassium deficiency in plants causes

10)Chlorophyll contains

11)Deficiency of iron in plants causes

12)Potometer is used to measure

13)The difference between RNA and DNA is

14)In plants Auxin is used for

15)Which are sensitive to sulphur-dioxide pollution?

16)Initiation of flowering happens in

17)Commercial cork is produced from

18)Who discovered double fertilisation

19)In sickle cell anemia RBC becomes

20)Which one is not produced in aquaculture

21)X-ray is used in

22)Haemodialysis help in the case of patient having:

23)Pellagra is caused due to the deficiency of:

24)Liver,muscle and adipose tissue are affected by:

25)Secretion of gastric juice is stimulated by:

26)Wastes concentrated in the tubules of Bowman’s capsule are called__________


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