1)The two main events are gametogenesis and gamete transfer.

2)The process of formation of megaspores from the megaspore mother cell is called  

3)The testes are situated outside the abdominal cavity within a pouch called  

4)The are paired folds of tissue under the labia majora. 

5)Intentional or voluntary termination of pregnancy before full term is called

6)The virus that cases acquired immune deficiency syndorme (AIDS) parasitizes

7)Autoecology deals with 

8)MAB stands for 

9)Red Data book provides data on 

10)Which of the following is the major cause of pollution 

11)A clone is a group of individuals obtained through 

12)Axillary buds are used to raise crop of 

13)Which one of the following is not used for ex situ plant conservation? 

14)Question textA phenomenon when parasite parasitizes themselves is known as 

15)A monocarpic plant is one which 

16)DNA replication takes place during 

17)In a plant organ, which is covered by periderm and the stomata are absent, some gaseous exchange still takes place through 

18)The method of producing thousands of plants through tissue culture is called 

19)Hardening of the arteries due to deposition of cholesterol is called 

20)Heparin is produced by 

21)Neuroglial cells support and protect. 

22)___is an abundant inhibitory neurotransmitter in CNS. 

23)Evolution of different species in a given area starting from a point and spreading to other geographical areas is known as 

24)The leaves are modified into spines in 

25)The lateral roots originate from 

26)Sunflower belongs to the family 


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