1)A certain current on passing through a galvanometer produces a deflection of 100 divisions. When a shunt of one ohm is connected, the deflection reduces to 1 division. The galvanometer resistance is

2)A closed organ pipe and an open organ pipe of same length produce 2 beats/second while vibrating in their fundamental modes. The length of the open organ pipe is halved and that of closed pipe is doubled. Then, the number of beats produced per second while vibrating in the fundamental mode is ______

3)A convex and a concave lens seperated by distance d are then put in contact. The focal length of the combination

4)A horizontal metal wire is carrying an electric current from the north to the south. Using a uniform magnetic field, it is to be prevented from falling under gravity. The direction of this magnetic field should be towards the______. 

5)A mass of 10 kg is suspended from a spring balance. It is pulled aside by a horizontal string so that it makes an angle of` 600 with the vertical. The new reading of the balance is 

6)A metal wire is subjected to a constant potential difference. When the temperature of the metal wire increases, the drift velocity of the electron in it 

7)A radioactive sample S1 having the activity A1 has twice the number of nuclei as another sample S2 of activity A2. If A2 = 2A1, then the ratio of half life of S1 to the half life of S2 is 

8)A body of mass M hits normally a rigid wall with velocity V and bounces back with the same velocity. The impulse experienced by the body is 

9)A body projected vertically from the earth reaches a height equal to earth's radius before returning to the earth. The power exerted by the gravitational force is greatest 

10)A charge Q is enclosed by a Gaussian spherical surface of radius R. If the radius is doubled, then the outward electric flux will 

11)A convex lens of focal length 30 cm produces 5 times magnified real image of an object. What is the object distance? 

12)A count rate meter shows a count of 240 per minute from a given radioactive source. One hour later the meter shows a count rate of 30 per minute. The half-life of the source is _______. 

13)A ray of light enters from a rarer to a denser medium. The angle of incidence is i. Then the reflected and refracted rays are mutually perpendicular to each other. The critical angle for the pair of media is 

14)A simple pendulum is suspended from the ceiling of a lift. When the lift is at rest its time period is T. With what acceleration should the lift be accelerated upwards in order to reduce its period to T /2? (g is acceleration due to gravity). 

15)A string vibrates with a frequency of 200 Hz. When its length is doubled and tension is altered, it begins to vibrate with a frequency of 300 Hz. The ratio of the new tension to the original tension is 

16)A train is moving slowly on a straight track with a constant speed of 2 ms-1. A passenger in that train starts walking at a steady speed of 2 ms-1 to the bank of the train in the opposite direction of the motion of the train. So to an observer standing on the platform directly in front of that passenger, the velocity of the passenger appears to be _____ . 

17)According to Einstein's photoelectric equation, the graph of K.E. of the photoelectron emitted from the metal versus the frequency of the incident radiation gives a straight line graph, whose slope ______. 

18)An astronaut on a strange planet finds that acceleration due to gravity is twice as that on the surface of Earth. Which of the following could explain this? 

19)An electron is moving in an orbit of a hydrogen atom from which there can be a maximum of six transitions. An electron is moving in an orbit of another hydrogen atom from which there can be a maximum of three transitions. The ratio of the velocity of the electron in these two orbits is _____. 

20)An unpolarised beam of intensity I0 falls on a polaroid. The intensity of the emergent light is 

21)Blue colour of sea water is due to 

22)Critical angle for certain medium is Sin-1 (0.6). The polarizing angle of that medium is ______. 

23)Electromagnetic wave consists of periodically oscillating electric and magnetic vectors ______. 

24)For a series LCR circuit at resonance, the statement which is not true is 

25)Hot water cools from 60°C to 50°C in the first 10 minutes and to 42°C in the next 10 minutes. Then the temperature of the surroundings is _____. 

26)How many 6mF, 200 V condensers are needed to make a condenser of 18 pF, 600 V? 

27)How many times more intense is a 60 dB sound than a 30 dB sound? 


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