1)5 moles of SO2 and 5 moles of O2 are allowed to react. At equilibrium, it was found that 60% of SO2 is used up. lf the partial pressure of the equilibrium mixture is one atmosphere. the partial pressure of O2 is 

2)Which one of the following DOES NOT involve coagulation? 

3)Which one of these is NOT TRUE for benzene? 

4)A bivalent metal has an equivalent mass of 32. The molecular mass of the metal nitrate is 

5)A complex compound in which the oxidation number of a metal is zero is 

6)Which of the following gives an aldehyde on dry distillation? 

7)Which of the following does not give benzoic acid on hydrolysis? 

8)A diabetic person carries a pocket of Glucose with him always, because 

9)A ligand can also be regarded as 

10)A mixture of CaCl2 and NaCl weighing 4.44 g is treated with sodium carbonate solution to precipitate all the Ca+2 ions as calcium carbonate. The calcium carbonate so obtained is heated strongly to get 0.56 g of CaO. The percentage of NaCl in the mixture (atomic mass of Ca = 40) is ______. 

11)Which is not the correct statement about RNA and DNA? 

12)Which cycloalkane has the lowest heat of combustion per CH2 group? 

13)According to Bayer's strain theory which is highly stable? 

14)Acidified sodium fusion extract on addition of ferric chloride solution gives blood red colouration which confirms the presence of 

15)An alkyl halide reacts with alcoholic ammonia in a sealed tube, the product formed will be 

16)An element with atomic number 21 is a 

17)The ozone layer forms naturally by 

18)The number of naturally occurring p-block elements that are diamagnetic is ______. 

19)An oxygen containing organic compound upon oxidation forms a carboxylic acid as the only organic product with its molecular mass higher by 14 units. The organic compound is ______.

20)Based on the first law of thermodynamics, which one of the following is correct?

21)The typical range of molar enthalpies for the strongest intermolecular (Hydrogen) bonds is 

22)Carbon can reduce ferric oxide to iron at a temperature above 983 K because ______.

23)Catalytic dehydrogenation of a primary alcohol gives a

24)Chloroacetic acid is a stronger acid than acetic acid. This can be explained using ______.

25)Cooking is fast in a pressure cooker, because


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